The Meal Subscription Showdown!

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Meal Subscription Showdown Graphic

THE MEAL SUBSCRIPTION SHOWDOWN! Yes I said it. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been seeing ads for meal subscription services for what seems like forever. I remember a few years back when you were talking meal subscription you had to live in places like L.A. or NYC to quality meals, if you lived anywhere else you basically got prepackaged processed meals that claimed to be healthy but contained more chemicals then actual food. I’ve been dying to try out the new companies for a while now, they all seem so interesting, and the one thing that they all have in common: FRESH FOOD.


After Ken wasn’t able to tolerate juicing 24/7 and we decided to add in one quality dinner everyday to deal with that, I knew I wanted to try out meal subscriptions. Ken and I like most people, have decided what food we like, which food we don’t like, and basically we eat the same 10 meals over and over again. Ken loves chicken, so we eat 80% chicken (seriously it’s his favorite food). I love pasta, so I am constantly making pasta and throwing pre-made sauce from a jar on it and calling it a meal. Last year I finally got into cooking, and I have learned a lot about cooking in that time, but even still, variety is something we struggle with. The fact is Ken and I don’t try new food. Ever. Ask me which veggies I eat and I will tell you: carrots, broccoli, corn, and green beans. I never deviate.


So one of the most exciting things about meal subscriptions is that I knew Ken and I would be much more willing to try new food if we didn’t have to do any of the prep, someone else has made the recipe, done the shopping, and all I have to do is follow directions. Seems simple enough right?


Ultimately Ken and I decided we wanted to use TWO separate companies. Get 4 meals a week from one company, 3 from the other, and we would have a wide variety of meals and never need to eat out again (honestly we actually enjoy being at home compared to going out, we would rather spend the money from a meal on a movie or a show). So I started looking for which two companies we would choose. I honestly believed there were only two or three companies out there that served where I lived. I was so wrong. I knew about Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, but it turns out there were ELEVEN other companies out there! ELEVEN! I couldn’t believe it, how were we going to choose?


So enter my super fun idea, the Meal Subscription Showdown. I made a bracket (see below) and we are doing this NCAA style, except with food. Since there are an uneven amount of competitors there are some companies who are going to have to endure more competition then others, but hopefully this will allow for the best choices to reveal themselves to us. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to do if during one of the brackets we don’t either option, or if we end up liking both a lot (maybe a rematch?) but I am super excited about this.


First up is Blue Apron vs Home Chef. I will say right now that this was so much fun. I loved trying the recipes and trying out food I would have NEVER tried on my own. I hope you guys will enjoy reading about our experiences with all the companies and hopefully our trials will help you guys pick the right option for you.


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