Juicing for Health?

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I don’t know about you guys, but I love documentaries. My husband on the other hand not so much. So imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Ken decided he wanted to sit next to me and watch it too. Let me back it up a little bit. Ken and I have been eating crap for basically the past 4+ years, me more than him, but yeah. Ken came back from two years living in Japan (thanks Army) and when he got back we ate out all the time. Before I knew it I gained more weight then I am willing to admit yet. As for Ken, well he didn’t gain the weight until last year. He got out of the army right after having spinal surgery, so no more PT, means gaining 50 pounds. We have been talking about getting healthy for what seems like forever. But all we ever did was talk.

Enter the documentary. If you haven’t seen it you really should, you can rent it on Amazon, or if you are a Prime member you can watch it for free. In he basically talks about all the things we have been putting into our body and how important it is to get back to a plant based diet. The one moment that sticks out to me the most was when Ken basically freaked out over a blueberry muffin. Apparently one of the additives to a lot of blueberry muffins (obviously not homemade muffins, those are still cool) is ethylene glycol. To which Ken turns and looks at me and whispers, “Isn’t that just anti-freeze?”. Needless to say he declared he would never eat muffins ever again.

Ken decided right then and there he wanted to do the 60 day juice fast that was talked about in the movie. The movie basically follows two different guys doing a 60 day juice fast and their experiences with it. Both were sick and overweight, and after the fast had lost significant amounts of weight and felt way better, a lot of their health issues cleared up. So I figured if Ken was on board, then we could do it together and give it a real try.


So I did a lot of research, and looked to see what the juicer was in the movies, and found that the brand was Breville, so I went and tried to find a fairly affordable one for me to buy. And I found it, the Breville RM-BJE510XL, it’s way more high speed then any juicer I have ever owned in the past, and I have to admit it was really kind of intimidating when it first arrived. After using it a few times though I realized how easy it is to use. It comes apart super easily, is very easy to clean (we generally just rise it since we use it so often), and the easiest part of clean up is putting a plastic bag in the pulp bin, finally a use for all those Wal-Mart bags.

I have to say I was scared about this. Like really scared. Like how I am going to give up eating for 60 whole days? What if I don’t lose any weight while doing this? Is Ken going to be able to do this while he is at work and has to be around people who are eating actual food? I mean this whole thing could be disastrous, we spend like $200 bucks getting supplies and it could all be for nothing. But, it could also be kind of awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.42.43 AM

The juice isn’t bad. I have to admit. The key is honestly using a taste you really like in the beginning (for me it was strawberries, for Ken is was basically any kind of melon) and making half your juice that flavor and the other half loaded up with veggies. I’m talking broccoli (Ken’s favorite), spinach, Kale (my favorite), cucumbers, tomatoes, oh and the one veggie we literally put in every juice, carrots. And if you are feeling adventurous, pineapple and bell pepper go amazing together. After about a week of this my taste buds completely started to change, I was liking the juice more and more, and I was feeling great, I wake up every morning and I make 20 oz of juice, put it in my Rubbermaid Travel bottle and sip on it until lunch, and then just repeat all day long. I admit sometimes the juice gets a little pit thicker then I like, and that’s where coconut water comes in for me Vita Coco is my favorite and I only use about half of the carton in a juice (about five oz) and it makes all the difference.


Unfortunately for Ken, he did not have the amazing experience I did. The thing is Ken was pumping a lot more toxins into his body then he cares to admit. The man drank 10 cups of coffee a day, smoked a pack a day, and ate just about every meal out of a fast food joint. When we started the fast he went cold turkey on everything. It did not go well. It started with headaches. Ended with nausea. In the end we both decided it would be best if we juiced breakfast and lunch, and ate one quality meal a day, preferably a vegetarian meal, and avoiding dairy whenever possible. This formula is working so amazingly well for us. Both of us stopped smoking, we don’t eat fried junk anymore (although we have cheated twice and had sandwiches from Jersey Mike’s), and we are eating better then we have basically in our entire lives.

So now it’s time to share the progress that we have made in the first ten days. Fair warning, I did not lose nearly the amount of weight that Ken did, but that’s okay, he just has a way better metabolism then I do.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.59.41 AM

So in 10 days Ken lost 9 pounds and I lost 5, overall I’m pretty happy with that. I’m sure we could have lost a lot more weight if we didn’t cheat with our sandwiches, or if we had done a full fast instead of juicing all day with the exception of dinner, but hey, weight loss is weight loss. And frankly I haven’t lost 5 pounds in a long time, and Ken hasn’t lost any weight since he started putting on weight a year ago, so this is definitely a move in the right direction. We both feel so much better, we sleep better at night, have way more energy then we did before. At the end of the 60 days Ken and I will post before and after pictures, or at least that’s the plan.

This whole healthy eating plan leads to what is going to be my first feature on the blog. The Meal Subscription Show Down! That’s right our one meal a day has been provided by meal subscriptions. Up first is going to be Blue Apron vs Home Chef, but more on that later. Let me know if you guys have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them. This is what worked for us, but everyone is different, the real key is committing to change.



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