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We bought our house four years ago. I remember looking at the pictures and falling in love with our house, I looked over at Ken and told him that this was the house we were going to buy. He did not believe me. We looked at probably seven houses in total and Ken wanted a one story with a pool, but there was almost no yard. We have dachshunds, one who is all muscle and basically sinks in water, so no pool for us. And then we went and saw our house, I was sold. The backyard was huge. I mean massive, a bigger backyard then I have ever had in  my life. At the time we had four dogs, and I knew they would love it. So we bought it. Thats right, I bought a house because I knew my dogs would love it. I’m that girl. Well 4 years later, and two more dogs, and its finally time to fix some of the things about the house that I didn’t like when I bought it.


The first up on my dream list, is what I am calling a facelift. Our house is orange. I mean not a bright orange, but an old and gross orange. I’ve made many comments about the unappealing nature of the color over the years, and I couldn’t wait to change it. My biggest problem was figuring out what color to paint it. Half our house is brick, half is siding, so I needed the color to mess well with the brick. But I also didn’t want to have my house be the same color as any of my immediate neighbors, thankfully some of the colors on my neighbors houses would never work with my brick color so that made things easier.


Ultimately I knew we were going to go with a neutral gray of some kind. The key for me ended up being deciding on what color to paint the door. I knew I was going to paint the door the same color as all the shutters, so the color really had to pop against the red brick. So off to Pinterest I went, and this is the picture that made my decision a million times easier.

Blue Door

On Sutton Place

I loved how the blue just popped against the brick. So we went with Naval by Sherwin Williams for the shutters, doors, and ultimately the railings. White trim was a no brainer, and as for the main color of the house we went between Dovetail and Icicle by Sherwin Williams, but our painter told us that Icicle has a bit of a blue undertone to it as well as it being really light in color, so we went with Dovetail, which is a medium gray I would say, and creates just the right amount of contrast that the colors really pop.


The first thing our painters tackled was fixing so many of the small siding issues, they spent two days getting the house sealed up correctly, sanding down imperfections, and replacing wood pieces that were in BAD shape. There was problems with the trim pieces when we bought the house, but after the inspection we requested they fix it, and they did, but they did it quick and dirty, and after four years it showed big time.


I knew we picked the right colors once I saw the blue against the brick. It really is so beautiful. We did get the door painted as well, but I of course didn’t take any pictures while we still had that door, but trust me when I say it was beautiful. We actually ended up buying a new door right after the painting job was finished and it was just installed two days ago. I love the new door, and our painters are going to come out and repaint the new door, so I will be showing that off soon. But in the meantime here is the house fully painted.


On of my favorite things about this project is that I had been planning on removing our metal railings by the front door and just getting new ones. But our painter asked us what color we wanted them, and we went with the same Naval blue color, figuring if we didn’t like it we would just replace them down the line. I am SOOO glad we went ahead and painted them, they are so pretty, the blue is dark enough that when you are far away you can’t tell that they are blue, but when you get close the blue just shines in the sunlight so well.


This is one of the best things we have done for the house, and without a doubt I love it. We spent just a little bit more than 4 grand on the whole project, and it was beyond worth it. My house doesn’t look like its been neglected for years anymore. A special shoutout to our painters, the guys at Rental Rehab, and Rob in particular. If you are in the Fayetteville, NC area and need work done on your house this is the guy to call. Super professional and just great to work with.


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