Welcome to the New Site

Posted 27 May, 2016 by katreborn@me.com in Updates / 0 Comments

I have been talking about having a blog for a long time now. This address used to be home to my freelance editing business (which I have largely given up to pursue my own writing), and I wanted to have a place to put down all the crazy things that happen in my day to day life that aren’t book reviews. I love my book review site more than anything, but sometimes I just want a place to write down information about products I’ve tried out, house emergencies, the cutest of our dogs, and all the crazy things we attempt in the course of our crazy life. Enter this site.

Over the next couple of days I am hoping to do some work to the overall look of the site, some fine tuning basically. And bringing my first real posts about things. The first posts are going to be a series of posts about a couple of direly needed home improvement projects as well as a series devoted to us changing our diets. Should make for some fun times.

Hope you enjoy being on this journey with me and the hubs!


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