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Office Progress

In addition to doing a lot of website maintenance (both here and over at I am also doing a massive overall of my home office. When I bought my house I had the perfect small room downstairs to turn into a home office, it had these great built in shelves for my millions of books, and room for a small desk. I figured this was going to be the perfect reading room and place to do some minor work. Only I ended up spending much more time in the room doing way more than just reading, and the room did not meet my needs at all. So in the end I had to rip everything out. And I mean everything. If any of you own a house that is more than 40 years old you know that when you start taking things apart you find all the insane ways previous owners have installed things and you really find out how time has taken a toll on things like drywall. So what was going to be a small paint and built in desk reno, well, it turned in to taking everything out and replacing literally every last piece of that […]

Posted 17 May, 2015