The Meal Subscription Showd..

The Meal Subscription Showdown!

THE MEAL SUBSCRIPTION SHOWDOWN! Yes I said it. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been seeing ads for meal subscription services for what seems like forever. I remember a few years back when you were talking meal subscription you had to live in places like L.A. or NYC to quality meals, if you lived anywhere else you basically got prepackaged processed meals that claimed to be healthy but contained more chemicals then actual food. I’ve been dying to try out the new companies for a while now, they all seem so interesting, and the one thing that they all have in common: FRESH FOOD.   After Ken wasn’t able to tolerate juicing 24/7 and we decided to add in one quality dinner everyday to deal with that, I knew I wanted to try out meal subscriptions. Ken and I like most people, have decided what food we like, which food we don’t like, and basically we eat the same 10 meals over and over again. Ken loves chicken, so we eat 80% chicken (seriously it’s his favorite food). I love pasta, so I am constantly making pasta and throwing pre-made sauce from a jar on it and […]

Posted 16 June, 2016
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Juicing for Health?

Juicing for Health?

I don’t know about you guys, but I love documentaries. My husband on the other hand not so much. So imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Ken decided he wanted to sit next to me and watch it too. Let me back it up a little bit. Ken and I have been eating crap for basically the past 4+ years, me more than him, but yeah. Ken came back from two years living in Japan (thanks Army) and when he got back we ate out all the time. Before I knew it I gained more weight then I am willing to admit yet. As for Ken, well he didn’t gain the weight until last year. He got out of the army right after having spinal surgery, so no more PT, means gaining 50 pounds. We have been talking about getting healthy for what seems like forever. But all we ever did was talk. Enter the documentary. If you haven’t seen it you really should, you can rent it on Amazon, or if you are a Prime member you can watch it for free. In he basically talks about all the things […]

Posted 2 June, 2016
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Home Facelift

Home Facelift

We bought our house four years ago. I remember looking at the pictures and falling in love with our house, I looked over at Ken and told him that this was the house we were going to buy. He did not believe me. We looked at probably seven houses in total and Ken wanted a one story with a pool, but there was almost no yard. We have dachshunds, one who is all muscle and basically sinks in water, so no pool for us. And then we went and saw our house, I was sold. The backyard was huge. I mean massive, a bigger backyard then I have ever had in  my life. At the time we had four dogs, and I knew they would love it. So we bought it. Thats right, I bought a house because I knew my dogs would love it. I’m that girl. Well 4 years later, and two more dogs, and its finally time to fix some of the things about the house that I didn’t like when I bought it. The first up on my dream list, is what I am calling a facelift. Our house is orange. I mean not a bright […]

Posted 29 May, 2016
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Welcome to the New Site

I have been talking about having a blog for a long time now. This address used to be home to my freelance editing business (which I have largely given up to pursue my own writing), and I wanted to have a place to put down all the crazy things that happen in my day to day life that aren’t book reviews. I love my book review site more than anything, but sometimes I just want a place to write down information about products I’ve tried out, house emergencies, the cutest of our dogs, and all the crazy things we attempt in the course of our crazy life. Enter this site. Over the next couple of days I am hoping to do some work to the overall look of the site, some fine tuning basically. And bringing my first real posts about things. The first posts are going to be a series of posts about a couple of direly needed home improvement projects as well as a series devoted to us changing our diets. Should make for some fun times. Hope you enjoy being on this journey with me and the hubs!

Posted 27 May, 2016

Office Progress

In addition to doing a lot of website maintenance (both here and over at I am also doing a massive overall of my home office. When I bought my house I had the perfect small room downstairs to turn into a home office, it had these great built in shelves for my millions of books, and room for a small desk. I figured this was going to be the perfect reading room and place to do some minor work. Only I ended up spending much more time in the room doing way more than just reading, and the room did not meet my needs at all. So in the end I had to rip everything out. And I mean everything. If any of you own a house that is more than 40 years old you know that when you start taking things apart you find all the insane ways previous owners have installed things and you really find out how time has taken a toll on things like drywall. So what was going to be a small paint and built in desk reno, well, it turned in to taking everything out and replacing literally every last piece of that […]

Posted 17 May, 2015


Hey Everyone, Welcome to the new website, some of you may remember the old one, but times are changing, enter the new site! I’m moving away from editing, and focusing more on having a personal blog and a place for my books once they are published. In the coming weeks I hope to have the site all set up and ready to go, in the meantime if you are looking for something good to read, you are more than welcome to head on over to my book review site, Home.Love.Books. Hope to see you around, Kate

Posted 3 May, 2015